Our Guarantee

We guarantee that all our products are fresh and will flourish throughout the Christmas Season. We spend 9 months out of the year perfecting our Christmas Trees to assure that we send the best possible products to our customers.

The trees are all just cut, hand sheared and hand picked. We select the highest quality premium Christmas Trees and Wreaths. We ship them on time and get them right to your front door.

If your tree does not arrive at your door in the same condition it left our farm, we guarantee a replacement. We understand that Trees in the Mail is a relatively new concept, and at first some customers are hesitant. We have worked hard to produce the best product and make this process extremely convenient and simple. We appreciate the trust you put in us, and look forward to providing you with the Christmas products you need for years to come!

Did You Know?

Eighty percent of artificial trees currently come from China where environmental standards are lax

Environmental groups are now endorsing real trees as an eco-friendly alternative to artificial trees.

Why our products?